First Roll

Tomb of Hightower

On our first roll, our PCs started out having each journeyed alone to the town of Gar, by summons from Harbor Lord Jot Fen. They were each welcomed to Lord Fen’s manor by a Skeleton, Lord Fen’s way of testing their merit. Upon defeat of the skeleton, they were then welcomed and offered apologies by Lord Fen’s manservant, Cornish, and shown to a dining room to await the Lord.

There in the dining room they met each other one by one, as well as strange-looking idividual that arrived before them, Autumnleaf Shelkau, who introduces himself as an Illumian, a race the others are unfamiliar with. The first of the PCs to arrive was the sorcerer Helix, followed by Blaterus the ranger, and finally the fighter, Radger. Once all were assembled, the Lord made his entrance and apologies, and over refreshments and lunch, explained what he needed everyone for: the retrieval of an ancient family heirloom, a ring, recently learned to be located in a tomb about half a day’s journey from Gar.

After lunch the newly formed party set out on the road, and with little excitment other than inclement weather, made their way to the Tomb of Hightower.



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